With our track record of expertise and experience in project development, implementation, and evaluation, our support infrastructure has built expertise as well on a wide range of shared services functions from accounting to financial management, communications, marketing and human resources. Our Consulting and Shared Services team can support different stakeholders and organizations in these areas.

Accounting and Financial Management

Finance ensures the efficient allocation and optimum utilization of PBSP and donor resources through effective conduct of financial management, controllership, and treasury functions.

Fixed Assets and Inventory Management

General Services

The General Services is responsible for the delivery of ancillary support services required by offices and projects. It also manages all of the Foundation’s physical properties and fixed assets.


Procurement is responsible for the delivery of purchasing services required by all units and projects. It ensures the policies and procedures related to sound procurement are complied with to manage and mitigate risks associated with procurement activities. It reviews procurement practices and procedures, and institute or recommend needed improvement.

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource is mandated to build PBSP staff capability to meet organizational goals and objectives by providing equitable and strategic human resource management and development consulting, policies, programs, and services.

Communication and Information Management

The IT unit delivers information and communications technology related services to help enable the organization, operating units, programs and projects to improve productivity and efficiency. These services include: IT infrastructure design, deployment, operations and support; software development, deployment, and maintenance; system analysis and IT project management; and organizational program/project support.

Corporate Affairs and Relationship Management

CARM is responsible for supporting the entire organization in managing communication with a range of audiences including community, government, media, partners, and companies through consistent and current messages that represent the best interest of the Foundation. It is also in charge of updating its stakeholders on various socio-economic-environmental development programs and initiatives as well as serving as the “pulse” of the members; ensuring that adequate systems and processes are in place for keeping in touch with, and taking account of the companies’ proactive participation or views. CARM is also in charge of acquiring new members, generating membership contributions, promoting corporate involvement in projects and initiatives of the Foundation.