What is PBSP?

PBSP stands for Philippine Business for Social Progress. It is the only business-initiated and business-led social development foundation in the Philippines and the only one of its kind in Asia. Founded in 1970 by 50 of the country’s prominent business leaders, PBSP is committed to promoting business sector involvement in improving the quality of life among poor Filipinos. PBSP programs focus on the achievement of the following outcomes: access to better health services and quality education; increased incomes, gainful employment, and sustainable livelihoods; reduced vulnerability and improved resiliency to disasters and climate change risks. Through the years, it has harnessed partnerships among the government, NGOs, civil society and donor institutions to expand the impact and relevance of its work.

Where is PBSP?

The PBSP Head Office and Luzon Regional Center are located in Intramuros, Manila. It has regional offices in Cebu City in the Visayas, and in Davao City in Mindanao.

Where does PBSP operate?

PBSP is assisting programs in 65 provinces nationwide. Our programs are focused on the following areas: Health, Education, Environment, and Livelihood and Enterprise Development.

Who are the members of PBSP?

PBSP has a membership of more than 270 companies (as of December 2017) ranging from big multinational corporations to small single proprietorships. Most of these member-companies are also doing their own corporate social development and philanthropic activities outside of their PBSP commitments. At any given time, at least 21 CEOs and/or representatives of these member-companies are directly and actively involved in the Foundation’s activities and programs.

What is the source of PBSP’s funds?

PBSP’s funds primarily come from membership contributions, grants and other external sources. Member-companies are encouraged to contribute 1% of their annual net income before taxes to the Foundation as their contribution. PBSP uses these membership contributions as leverage to attract more funds from donor agencies and other external sources. Part of the Foundation’s program and operating funds are also sourced from internally generated mechanisms, such as consultancy services and income derived from lending to micro-finance institutions, among others.

 How does a company become a PBSP member?

 A company who wishes to become a member may contact our Corporate Affairs Department to express their interest and submit their company profile for endorsement and for approval of our Membership and External Relations Committee (MemExRel). A new member-company signs a Statement of Commitment pledging to support the Foundation’s work.

 How can members benefit from PBSP?

Member-companies can benefit from the following: technical assistance in identifying a specific program or project which the company will fund out of the restricted donation to PBSP; ownership as donor of the program or project funded; Certificate of Donation which renders the donation as tax-exempt and deductible in their entirety from the company’s income tax returns; and orientation on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Community Relations Programs, Corporate Volunteerism, Managing Corporate Foundation, and other CSR topics.