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Philippine Business for Social Progress is the largest business-led social development NGO at the forefront of corporate citizenship that contributes to sustainable development and poverty reduction. Established in 1970, PBSP remains to be the consultant and partner of choice of companies and local and international donors who wish to add strategic value to their CSR programs.

Our Focus



PBSP engages in different health projects geared toward providing improved access to quality health care services, particularly for maternal, neonatal, child health and nutrition (MNCHN) and TB control.



As the largest corporate-led social development organization addressing poverty among marginalized Filipinos particularly children, PBSP helps fight illiteracy by providing access and keeping children in school.


PBSP’s Platform for Collective Engagements in Environment promotes collective action for Sustainable Development, Integrated Watershed and Coastal Resource Management, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation, Housing or...


The Platform for Collective Engagement for Livelihood and Enterprise Development aims to create employment opportunities among poverty groups in priority industries, improve income and living conditions of the poor, and...


Large, medium, and small-scale businesses uniting to achieve inclusive growth. Support our programs!

Our Services

CSDM develops and manages programs, projects, and private-public partnership platforms for collective engagement in social development. It engages in the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of social development projects in Health, Education, Environment,and Livelihood and Enterprise Development. It also delivers grant administration services both for local and international donors.

CCC is the “knowledge hub” for corporate citizenship and social development. It promotes PBSP’s leadership in corporate citizenship by strategically aligning business sector’s corporate citizenship practices with priority social development agenda. It generates, captures, and disseminates corporate citizenship and social development knowledge, tools and models that will enable companies...

Business Support is the unit in charge of delivering provisions needed by other units to be able to accomplish their assigned undertakings. Support ranging from technical assistance, membership recruitment, communications planning and implementation, financial management, human resource development and management, property management, and general services are provided by Business...


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