The Platform for Collective Engagements for Livelihood and Enterprise Development aims to create employment opportunities among poverty groups in priority industries, improve income and living conditions of the poor, and contribute in achieving Inclusive Growth.

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Flagship Projects on Livelihood

The concept of Inclusive Business involves all business activities where a company integrates the Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) segment of the economy into its value chain – whether as suppliers, distributors, consumers, or employees – in such a way and at a certain scale, which creates shared value. The goal is...

SMEC finances the livelihood and income-generating activities of micro and small enterprises. Working with intermediary financial institutions, SMEC will disburse PhP181.5 million to help generate jobs and self-employment opportunities, particularly in rural areas.

MIDAS will enable micro finance institutions to access wholesale credit fast and at liberal terms for lending to micro-enterprises affected by calamities. On the part of the micro-enterprises, they should be able to rebuild their damaged livelihood to a better state than pre-disaster conditions on account of cheaper credit...


(FY 2013 – 2014)


People trained on employable skills


Companies adopting inclusive business


disbursed for


micro, small and medium enterprises


Households engaged in livelihood activities


Jobs generated or sustained