Corporate Affairs and Relationship Management

Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs is responsible for institutional communications. It ensures that all institutional messages are consistent, current and represents the best interest of PBSP. It supports the entire organization in managing

communication with a range of audiences including community, government, media, partners, and companies, updating its stakeholders on various socio-economic-environmental development programs and initiatives.

The Relationship Management is responsible for ensuring that adequate systems and processes are in place for keeping in touch with, and taking account of companies’ proactive participation or views. It is responsible for acquiring new members, generating membership contributions, promoting corporate involvement in projects and initiatives of the Foundation. It acts as the point of contact for companies, including handling concerns which have failed to be resolved or would not be appropriate to be processed through normal channels. It acts as the “pulse” of the members—feeding back to the Executive Office and heads of office areas that have created member satisfaction as well as areas that have created dissatisfaction, and coordinate actions plans accordingly.