Umali, Roberto


Roberto Umali

Chief Operating Officer – Magsaysay Transport & Logistics Corp.

Roberto Acosta Umali is the chief operating officer (CEO) of Magsaysay Transport and Logistics Corporation.

He studied Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of the Philippines and took up Professional Shipping Course and Maritime Law & Insurance Course at the Norwegian Shipping Academy.

Mr. Umali is also the president of National Marine Corporation, NMC Container Lines, Inc., NMC Ship Agency and Brokerage, Inc., One Stop Logistics Solutions, Inc., One Stop Distribution, Inc., Roadlink Solutions, Inc., Clean Oil Resources, Inc., Islas Tankers Sea Transport Corp., Batangas Bay Carriers, Inc., Laguna Lake Carriers, Inc., Paros Maritime, Inc., Marine Fuels Philippines, Inc., Offshore Bunkers Philippines, Inc., Shiplink Terminal Resources, Inc., Sun Cruises, Inc., Sole Cruises, Inc., Magsaysay Shipmanagement, Inc., MagTech Solutions and Marine Consultancy Services, Inc., Magsaysay Marine Services, Inc., Lorenzo Shipping Corporation, Filipinas Maritime Transport Corporation, Icebox Logistics Services, Inc., Magsaysay-Seacor, Inc., and Omni-Asia Tristar Holdings, Inc.

He holds directorship positions at A. Magsaysay, Inc., Fairmont Shipping (Philippines) Inc., Magsaysay Resources and Support Services, Inc., Magsaysay Shipping Corporation, Magsaysay Trade and Shipping, Inc., Transbulk Shipping Corporation, Transocean Transport Corporation, Transportes Navieros, Inc., Trilines Shipping, Inc., and Trytrans Shipping Corporation.

Mr. Umali is a trustee of Magsaysay Institute of Shipping, Inc., Homer Foundation, Inc., as well as the chairman of Asiaport Equipment and Logistics Corporation, Travel Services, Inc., and Travel People Limited, Inc.