Annual Report

On the cover is a representation that PBSP’s programs and projects in health, education, environment, and livelihood are at the forefront in addressing the challenges of the future.

The story of PBSP in its 51 years is unique in many respects. Its history runs parallel in the history of our country, driven by many challenges—disruptions, shortages, poverty, and now, a life-changing pandemic. But PBSP has carried on and remained faithful to its founding mission, to lift the welfare of our people and improve their lives. As we acknowledge this institution’s remarkable legacy, we remind ourselves that PBSP has not lasted those 51 years by simply resting on its many accomplishments. Disparities in healthcare, education, and livelihood, amongst others, continue to be major threats to welfare. These have been further exacerbated recently by COVID-19 and now threatening to trap our people in a deeper cycle of poverty and despair. We must confront these challenges with collaboration, forceful determination, and innovation because nothing else would count. As we face a disrupted and different future, PBSP must demonstrate that it can have a productive role in improving welfare under an environment rapidly being transformed by technology and health issues, as well as the ultimate challenge of economic recovery in the middle of the pandemic. PBSP must lead the way in showing how we can deploy what’s good about business into the world of social responsibility and innovate beyond the legacy models of grants and donations, and the large funding support principally from foreign institutions, to use technology in our campaigns against poverty yet continuing to show that business care about our people, especially those on the margins.

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