With a united purpose of uplifting lives, PBSP’s flagship programs in Health, Education, Environment, Livelihood empower members and partners to take part in solving societal problems.


PBSP endeavors to improve the overall well-being of Filipinos through interventions that provide poor Filipinos access to basic health services focused on reducing maternal and child mortality, improving nutrition among children, and detecting and curing tuberculosis.


Every Filipino has a right to accessible and quality education. PBSP works with its members, partners, and donors in improving quality education for learners.


We only have one planet. PBSP seeks to improve resiliency and contribute in conservation efforts to ensure that future generations will still have a home.


We promote inclusive business and improve access to jobs through skills upgrading and employment facilitation. The program also seeks to expand economic opportunities through engagement of the private sector and partner organizations

Disaster and Covid-19 Response

We respond to the needs of families and communities in times of crisis and disasters.

Collective Impact Platforms

We provide sectors a platform to collectively work on interventions that provide long-term solutions.