The Center for Corporate Citizenship (CCC) is the “knowledge hub” for corporate citizenship and social development. It promotes PBSP’s leadership in corporate citizenship by strategically aligning the business sector’s corporate citizenship practices with priority social development agenda. It generates, captures, and disseminates corporate citizenship and social development knowledge, tools and models that will enable companies to establish sustainable and inclusive business practices. It also develops and tests new project concepts on Private-Public Partnerships (PPP) and business solutions to poverty.

Knowledge hub

PBSP prides itself as the knowledge base for corporate citizenship and social development models, tools, case studies, etc. It facilitates the capture and retention of strategic corporate citizenship and social development information, tools, models, and framework for utilization of internal and external clients. It publishes and disseminates corporate citizenship and social development knowledge products through various media and platforms.

Training and Learning Events

PBSP delivers high-quality consulting and multi-platform learning packages to build, strengthen or improve the business sector’s practice of strategic corporate citizenship, and promote models of inclusive business or creating shared value.


Millennium Development Goals (MDG) are commitments made by governments to the United Nations and the interest in achieving them is shared by greater society. The business community has been very supportive of the MDG initiative because achieving these targets makes enormous business opportunities.

A prosperous, healthy and sustainable community forms the foundation of a thriving business sector. Poverty, environmental degradation or illiteracy weakens the base on which a company stands. Business must manage the costs and risks of doing business.

PBSP believes that it makes sound business sense to contribute towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by investing in a sound and business environment; managing direct cost and risks; and harnessing new business opportunities.

CC Advisory and Consulting Services

PBSP’s Benchmarking Corporate Citizenship in the Philippines Program, funded by the Ford Foundation and implemented in partnership with the League of Corporate Foundations (LCF) has developed Corporate Citizenship (CC) benchmarking tools that measure the efficacy of a company’s CC programs against a set of established performance indicators or standards. The tools enable companies to continuously improve their existing practices to achieve competitive advantage and ensure business sustainability.

Why do companies benchmark CC performance?

Benchmarking CC performance enables companies to calibrate existing CC programs or set up new ones that are more effective and strategic. These are done through the following:

Determining whether the CC agenda is in line with business objectives and needs;

Measuring impacts of CC programs;

Identifying CC best practices, their strengths and areas for improvement; and

Tracking CC performance, as a competitive advantage, against other industry players.

Benefis of using PBSP’s CC Benchmarking Tools

Companies are provided with indicators or standards to facilitate the measurement of CC performance in an objective, consistent and repetitive manner at regular intervals.

Data produced using the tools provide companies with information to guide them in strategic planning and management review of CC programs and development of staff involved in their implementation.

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