CSDM develops and manages programs, projects, and private-public partnership platforms for collective engagement in social development. It engages in the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of social development projects in Health, Education, Environment, and Livelihood and Enterprise Development. It also delivers grant administration services both for local and international donors.

Project Cycle Management

PBSP manages social development projects from program planning and development to monitoring and evaluation. This service includes the assessment of sector needs, review of policies to support the planning and decision-making, formulation of program strategic plan and the annual work plan and budget, overseeing the delivery of project management services required by company and donor-agency clients, and implementation of the portfolio of projects in the regions based on agreed project implementation plan.

Grant and Fund Management

PBSP manages grants from various local and international institutions to scale up initiatives on specific societal problems. PBSP has in fact recently renewed its partnership agreements with The Global Fund and the United States Agency for International Development to sustain the gains we have achieved in our country’s fight against Tuberculosis. Over the years, PBSP has also been managing funds from companies as we strive to make great strides in our fight against poverty.

Stakeholder/Consortium Management/ Secretariat

PBSP serves as the secretariat of various nationwide programs and campaigns such as the Bayanihang Pampaaralan and TEN Moves! As part of this service, we establish and manage relationship with donors and partners; and initiate, lead or collaborate in multi-sectoral initiatives supportive of our programs.

Resource Mobilization

PBSP provides leadership in resource mobilization planning and execution to ensure adequate and predictable funding for scaling-up PBSP’s programs and projects. Also parts of the services under Resource Mobilization is the monitoring of the resource mobilization strategy and plans, and soliciting feedback from donors on their engagement with PBSP, and relaying such feedback to concerned party/ies.

Monitoring and evaluation endeavors

PBSP ensures that the ongoing projects are measurable and assessed according to factors like relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability. While evaluation appraises the entire project cycle, the continuous function of monitoring will take throughout the implementation of the project but will still be able to provide partial information for improved practices and other future endeavors.